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Commission Sheet by KeatonTS
Commission Sheet
Finally got around to making this. Now that classes are done, I've been able to start drawing again. Hopefully I can rack up some mre commissions as while I finish up the ones I have currently.

the little playback videos are pictures I've drawn. for more details, visit my commission journal (…) or send me a note.
Live Stream.… Drawing random stuff, or you recommend what you wanna see me draw.
The Power of Light by KeatonTS
The Power of Light
One of Taiyo's power ups. A low level, but still pretty strong.

also, his hand looks a bit weird, but meh..I just got off an extremely long art block (i think) so I'm a bit rusty at the moment.
Take Me With You  (Animation) by KeatonTS
Take Me With You (Animation)
finally got to finish this now that classes are over. The audio is from gumball. the scene was hilarious to me and I wanted to animate it.
sadly, SWF likes cutting off the end of my videos
GoFundMe by KeatonTS
I normally don't do this sort of stuff ( and sorry If i didn't put this in the right category, I don't know where I'm suppose to list this, or if I'm suppose to) but a friend told me I should create a go fund me account if I wanted a cintiq tablet so badly, and that people would help me if I promised something good in return, so yeah. I'm saving up for this tablet but I currently have too much things to pay at the moment, plus college. So things aren't going so well.

But if this works. and I get the cintiq tablet. Then hell yeah I'd promise you a good animation series in return. I'm already working on it, but with my current, non on screen tablet, things are going slow. If I get a cintiq, I bet I could pump out a decent animation in a week or two. Not to mention producing better pictures, comics, and, faster, better quality commissions and other media and at a much faster rate, because drawing on screen increases my accuracy and steadiness. You can already tell that from my gallery (if you like my art) that it will be good. especially since 3/4ths of all my work have been done on a Nintendo 3DS, imagine what the cintiq would do for me.


KeatonTS's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States

~Basic terms~

By accepting to commission me you accept the following conditions:
  • That rudeness can and will send your commission to the bottom of the list or removed completely off the list.
  • I am human, I do eat, sleep, work, and have a full time college schedule
  • When giving references, you will give a clear description or a reference sheet or pictures.
  • The best way to contact me is through email: ( ) But feel free to send me a note
  • Changes can only be made to your commission after you've seen the final line art. (Changes are only limited to expressions, gestures, and objects. No poses or characters can be changed completely. After the color process begins, You cannot change your picture)


  • As of today (8/12/2014) everything is subject to immediate payment unless discussed otherwise or previous (reoccurring) customers with whom I trust.
  • I require paypal payments only


  • If for any reason I cannot complete, or you cancel the commission before I start, you receive full refunding. 
  • If I have started and cancel your commission, it too will be a full refund.
  • If you cancel your commission after I have started working, you will receive a refund minus a fee for how much I have completed.
  • Artwork is NON-REFUNDABLE after completion.


  • Commissions are completed one at a time, I will be taking only 3 to 4 commissions at a time and be completing them around work and school. 
  • Being rude or impatient means I will drop your commission to the bottom or completely off the list. I will try as best I can to get the commissions done in a reasonable time. 
  • At any one time I will not have you wait more than 2 months for a commission to be complete. 
  • If any big pending dates are close (i.e. birthday, anniversary, xmas) I must have at least 2 weeks notice.

~My Rights~

  • I have the right to refuse work, for any reason.
  • I have the right to post and copy my work, even if it is copyright of your character. 
  • You CANNOT remove any signatures I place on your art.

~Your Rights~ 

  • You have the right to repost any commission I have done for you to your galleries as well as edit, crop, add text, and alter the commission as long as you credit me as the artist.
  • You have the right to print your commission and make copies.

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Still feels a bit out of place being 20
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